Summer Health for the Heart & Small Intestine

The pair of organs associated with the Summer in Chinese Medicine are the Heart and Small Intestine and the element is Fire.

The Heart (yin organ) is the ‘supreme monarch’ and is supported by three other organs associated with Fire: the Pericardium, the Small Intestine, and the Triple Heater, (with the Small Intestine being the Heart’s yang organ). The emotion linked to Summer and the Fire element is joy, so when in balance can manifest as great enthusiasm for life, vitality and self-awareness. Energetically, the Heart and Small Intestine govern our ability to be empathetic, to love and be loved  and to maintain harmonious relationships. When imbalanced, we can feel more prone to hyperactivity, acute sadness, intolerance and desperation. Imbalances may also manifest physically as symptoms including (but not limited to) excessive (or lack of) perspiration, rashes and sleep disturbances.

As Fire’s power is felt most strongly in Summer, it is an ideal time to focus on replenishing the energy used over the Winter and Spring seasons. The extended daylight hours can entice us to pack even more into our days than usual, so it is especially important to find time to recharge and rest. This can make yin yoga and restorative yoga ideal Summer practices as they allows us the opportunity to be rather than do.

Join me on Fridays at Embody Wellness in Vauxhall for YIN & RESTORATIVE 5.45-7pm (Visit to book)

If coming to an in-person class is not possible for you at the moment, I’d love you to join me online for a seasonal yin yoga practice this summer. Join me for HAPPY & BRIGHT: A SUMMER YIN & YOGA NIDRA WORKSHOP on Saturday 9th July 2-4.15pm. Think of it as a mini-retreat for yourself. Once again at least 50% of proceeds will be donated to Brixton Soup Kitchen. (A replay will be available for 7 days afterwards if you’re unable to join live.) Click here for details and to book.