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I’m on Substack!

In March this year I moved my newsletter over from Mailchimp to Substack.

If you’re currently subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll already have been regularly hearing from me at Slow Living in the Big City on Substack.

Why move to a new newsletter platform?

Being on Substack allows me to offer you more with 5 posts per month including yoga classes and meditations available exclusively to subscribers from just £1 per week. If you’d prefer to be a free subscriber then you’ll still receive 2 posts per month from me like this one and this one.

My latest class for July – a pure restorative yoga class – is available on Substack now: #4 The Reset – Restorative Support for Deep Rest

You can choose to receive via your email inbox or via the Substack app where you can easily access all past posts, classes and meditations and save your favourites. Paid subscribers have exclusive access to the full archive.

Read more about Slow Living in the Big City and what you get by signing up (plus a link to download the Substack app for iOS or Android) here.