NEW! Go with the Flow Yin – my latest class on EkhartYoga

Go with the Flow Yin is my latest class available on EkhartYoga.

Svadhishthana – the Sacral Chakra – linked to the Water element, is located in the lower abdomen near the sacrum.

This chakra is associated with our ability to go with the flow, our self worth, creativity, and ability to express ourselves freely – as well as experiencing pleasure in a healthy way.

In this class I guide you through a soothing Sacral chakra yin yoga practice to help you reconnect to that place of ease and flow.

This continues my series of chakra yin yoga classes, with the first one being Get Grounded Yin, which has a focus on Muladhara – the root chakra.

You can view all of my classes to date with EkhartYoga here.