Mobilise the Spine with Sufi Grinding (Spinal Rotations)



This Kundalini practice is calming and meditative and a lovely way to mobilise the spine. In this video, filmed at reCentre Health in Balham, I show you how to practice Sufi Grinding.

1. Sit in easy pose and place your hands on your knees. (NB – this can also be practised seated on a chair.)
2. As you inhale, bring your upper body forward and as you exhale, circle your upper body to the right and all the way round in a circle – make your circles as small or large as feels best your you.
3. Keep a nice even breath continuing to inhale forwards and exhale round in your upper body circles to the right for several breaths (1-3 minutes)
4. Change direction, circling to the left following the same breathing pattern (again for 1-3 minutes)

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