Meditate Advent: Can You Give Yourself 5 Minutes?

December can be a crazy month for many of us so it can be even more important to find ways to press pause during your day. If you haven’t started a meditation practice but would like to (or if your practice has gone by the wayside and you’d like to re-start), then why not join me for Meditation Advent?

  • 5 minutes (ideally) sitting, each day from 1st – 25th December
  • This can be done anywhere – at home, on public transport, waiting for the bus (I have busy Mum pals who will lock the bathroom door for 5 mins alone or have their children meditate with them, where possible!)
  • If you’re able to stick to a regular time each day then great (E.g. I like to sit up in bed upon waking so that it’s the first thing I do). If that’s not possible then take 5 minutes wherever you can.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes (I like the bell on the Insight Timer app but you could just use the timer on your phone or any other that suits you.)
  • While you’re there simply focus on your inhale and exhale. When distractions and thoughts pop up – which they WILL – guide your awareness back to your breath.
  • That’s it!

I will be doing this along with you and I’ll be sharing tips and thoughts during the month on social media (you can find me on Instagram @ucanyoga1, Twitter @ucayoga and on Facebook at The 365 Savasana Project). If you are joining in or posting about your experience, please feel free to tag me or let me know how you’re getting on using #UCanMeditateAdvent.