Happy & Bright: A Summer Yin & Yoga Nidra Workshop

Saturday 15 June 2019 2-4pm at Embody Wellness, Vauxhall

Join me for the fourth in my series of seasonal workshops.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are Five Elements that are central to nature’s cycles and are reflected in the cycles of our bodies.

Fire is linked to Summer and the Heart and Small Intestine. In TCM, the Fire element is the spark from which all life originates, and is associated with the emotion of joy, while the Heart, is the ‘supreme monarch’ responsible for maintaining our inner peace and harmony and the home of our spiritual essence.

As Fire’s power is felt most strongly in the Summer, it is the ideal time to prioritise replenishing the energy expended during winter and spring. So, Yin Yoga is a perfect practice to balance the activity the longer days and sunshine encourage.

Part one of this workshop will be a Heart and Small Intestine yin practice to help address Qi stagnation. In this slow practice, each pose typically lasts three to five minutes. This will prepare us for part two of the workshop – an extended yoga nidra practice.

Energetically, the Heart and Small Intestine govern our ability to be empathetic, to love and be loved, and to maintain harmonious relationships.  When imbalanced, we can feel more prone to hyperactivity, acute sadness, intolerance and desperation.  When balanced, we can feel more self-awareness, happiness and vitality.

This workshop is pen to all levels but is not suitable for pregnant students.

To book your place, please visit the Embody Wellness workshops page here.