Do You Practise Gratitude?

For a good ten years or so I kept a gratitude journal. Thanks to a TV interview I saw between Oprah and (Simple Abundance) author, Sarah Ban Breathnach where they shared this idea, I was writing down five things each day that I was grateful for in a notebook.

The act of writing these things down always reminded me how much more there was to be grateful for each day than those five things and to find joy in simplicity. (Invariably, it was experiences, unexpected moments and interactions with others rather than actual ‘things’).

But then this habit fell by the wayside, ironically over the past five years which brought self employment, and yes, joy at being able to teach yoga, but also a lot of upheaval, sadness, bereavement, challenging times… The day I decided to start keeping a gratitude journal again I happened to see this one on sale so I tool it as a positive sign and bought it!

I’m back in the habit of taking some time each day to write down what I am grateful for. And it feels good! Some days I might write three things and other days it might be ten. I find it really helps with maintaining a positive outlook, keeping things in perspective, getting off the ‘complaining train’ and kicking cynicism to the kerb.

If you have never kept a gratitude journal why not give it a try? After a few weeks of journaling, don’t be surprised of you start to notice more and more the precious moments that arise each day.