"Paula is a fantastic teacher and makes it all so accessible. It's 100% what I was looking for." - Henry, Stretching the City Beginner Yoga Student 

"I have got to know someone who is not only an excellent yoga teacher but also a general all round awesome person. Paula is the most reliable, conscientious and patient person I know and as a result we have worked together several times on master classes and retreats. After great feedback from our various retreat guests I am also very glad to say I have also just welcomed Paula to my 200hr teacher training team and hope she will enjoy training up our next group of student teachers as she has a lot of knowledge to share.”  - Sally Parkes – Founder of Sally Parkes Yoga 
"I attended one of Paula’s classes and was immediately hooked. Paula is a calm, kind and empathic teacher who obviously knows what she is talking about. Her classes are a mixture of energetic and soothing work that made me feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. I would highly recommend her classes to everyone."  - Catherine L

"If Thursday’s are the new Fridays, then I hereby proclaim Friday’s the new Sundays. Your weekend will feel so much longer if you take the time once in a while to end the week indulging in a little “me” time, and I felt like Relax and Restore offered exactly this. Snuggly props, Soothing instruction from Paula and encouragement to take some time out." - Read a full review of my Relax & Restore restorative yoga class at Embody Wellness from Carly at Project Hot B*tch here: 'Relax & Restore Yoga, Embody Wellness'
"Paula, I have enjoyed taking your Saturday morning Yoga class. It gives me such energy to face a new week. It makes me feel like I am treating myself. Thank you for making Yoga like a Dessert."  - Crystal J

"I thought Paula was an excellent teacher - really encouraging & empowering." - Christine, Stretching the City Beginner Yoga Student

"Warrior, eagle, baby cobras and some life-affirming sun salutations all featured, as Paula worked us to twist and stretch our core, before moving this wringing of the musculo-skeletal system out to the limbs to feel a whole-body release." - Read a full review of my Hot Yoga class at L!FE Shoreditch from Carly at  Project Hot B*tch here: 'L!FE Shoreditch 45 min Hot Yoga class'

 "Paula introduced me to restorative yoga - I had no former experience of yoga before. To say I was sceptical as to whether it was something I could do and benefit from was an understatement! Having participated in Paula's classes, I can wholeheartedly say she has a calming and influential nature which inspires me to learn more! I am sincerely grateful for all your guidance and patience and I look forward to more of your classes." - Susan C

"I have one-to-one classes with Paula and I thoroughly enjoy them. I find her teaching method simultaneously relaxing and challenging; it's very soothing but at the same time she always makes me work hard, sometimes without me even realising! The end result is that after every session I feel massaged inside and out, which is wonderful. She also has a lovely cheerful disposition and is a pleasure to be around. Highly recommended!!" - Cathy Dunning

"Paula is kind and solar, that unique kind of person that clearly enjoys giving more than receiving. I attended her restorative yoga classes and enjoyed them so much. They were so the opposite of the dynamic yoga I know and so soothing, for the body and the mind. Paula also guided us from her own personal experience, giving us her own idea of what certain postures would feel like and what benefit to expect. I felt complete trust and could relax to a level that is indeed very rare for me! Thank you Paula!" - Lucia Keen

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